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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

February 8, 2020

HIIT & The Unwinding of the Cosmic Clock

25/11/2013, Redux 08/02/2020

Below I connect on some intersecting theories of transmutation of elements relating to thermogenesis and the activity of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and how this intersects within the Healing Crisis paradigm as applied within the framework of Body Electronics. 

These theories I have developed initially from consulting with John Whitman Ray and then adding in the additional matrix of the Cosmic Clock as part of Russell’s work. 

One can also apply the below within the framework of isometric stretching from a position of Yin – Yang – or expansion and relaxation, and also long stretching.

If done correctly they can ‘elicit’ the fire of the kundalini with the accompanying  vibration of regeneration. Both of which I have extensively experience doing things precise exercise dating back to 1998.

In conclusion: ‘regular HIIE produces significant increases in aerobic and anaerobic fitness and brings about significant skeletal muscle adaptations that are oxidative and glycolytic in nature. HIIE appears to have a dramatic acute and chronic effect on insulin sensitivity. The effects of HIIE on subcutaneous and abdominal fat loss are promising but more studies using overweight individuals need to be carried out’

See Clinical Trials & Research: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2991639/#B8

One could argue that a biological transmutation of elements happens through a thermogenic exercise regime such as HIIE.

If we look carefully as Walter Russell’s Cosmic Clock,(1) we can see that each, shall we say, locking segment of the elemental chart has a period of activity followed by inactivity, or the Yin – Yang cycle.

HIIE can be improved by increasing and decreasing the regime in intensity levels following Russell’s 1+ 4++ 1+ or 9 octave of wave form,(2) reaching a climax of the apex of the cycle at the carbon, or 4++ phase.

There, a maximum level of thermogenesis, arguably is conjectured.

Whats is more interesting is that this creates a natural uplifting state to the individual where a healing crisis is maintained.(3)
As you can see from the Cosmic Clock from Russell, 4++ is the height of the amplitude and the carbon matrix.(4)

So how to apply to HIIE – arguably one would do interval training in sequential harder, but shorter sequences, followed by a sequential longer rest period. The 4++ should represent the maximum exertion, so building to this point is the key – imagine a pressure pump that is gradually building pressure, to start with you can easily push it in and out, towards the end you might get only a short, but extremely powerful squeeze through.

To visualize, imagine doing training by running up the stairs of a pyramid, which is getting progressively steeper. One builds to a maximum excersion of the top of the pyramid with a warm down on the yin cycle as we hit the peak.

Linking to the transmutational elements discussed in Logic in Sequence,(3) one can release the Kundalini fire as the resistances are transmuted. And, from my own extensive experience I can specify this is legitimate and practical.

One can also consider the static aspects of release of the kundalini using a similar process, of isometric stretching, or relaxed stretching.(4)

As some suggested methods of training there are some links below:(5)(6)

Anyway, hope you have some good training and remember – always in moderation. One thing not mentioned is that compulsive overtraining is actually a weakness in my opinion. Once this resistance is resolved we then tend to find a balance where we are not stressing the body out, but regenerating it.(7)

The same theory can be readily applied from weight training, however at a weight level where we may perform the same exercise for say, 500-700 reps, or 20 minute cycles… or much longer.

Any questions of comments are welcome.

Happy training,


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  7. See Logic in Sequence – Observe, Receive, Re-create, Release – this is the powerful technique of the transmutation of resistances on the physical, emotional and mental level, where, ultimately on the mental level duality is resolved.



Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

January 12, 2015

Intervention and it’s Consequences

The law of nature and ethics in human relations tells us, inviolate, that every action in the universe has it’s equal and simultaneous, and sequential, reaction.

Each empire that has sort to enslave another nation has eventually suffered the fate of having the enslaved rise up to slay it’s masters. France has had a long history on enslavement of other nations, and it’s own neighbours. 

The reality is that as the enslaved gain their freedoms, so then does the control start to shift from the masters control of their own nation. Great examples are both France and England where they have seen nearly all of their empire crumble to ash, and the subsequent influx of immigrants to then start the reverse takeover.

The recent attacks in Paris are an abomination, and all efforts should be maintained that people of all countries and nations are protected.  

The not so obvious conclusion out of this, also, is to simultaneously look for the root causation. This does not to appear to have happened. This, is a mistake.

By looking for the causation we can find out why things are occurring, make changes, and then the reoccurring wheel will slowly grind to a halt.

The critical question(s) that needs to be answered in order to arrive at the causative answer is:

In each and every transaction with people and or other countries of; economic, militarily, socially, or otherwise, how have both parties benefited? Are both parties EQUALLY benefiting? Is there an equal interchange of energy occurring where both parties are perfectly willing to exchange sides.

If there is and EQUAL INTERCHANGE then happiness will prosper for both sides of the equation.

If not, then imbalance will occur, and inevitably the universe will then need to correct this imbalance. The imbalance in some cases will cause tension and large amounts of violence as people seek to maintain the balance.

Has France tried to achieve this in her aims currently? One could argue on the most part, yes, and this would be true. 

The point, is, that all people and all countries should be asking their questions about each and every transaction, all the time as an ongoing maxim. Then and only then will be have ongoing happiness as each person is happy and perfectly willing to exchange sides.

Look for the causation, whilst taking simultaneous action to defend and protect oneself, and, make sure our individual and collection actions are balanced.


1. See Esp: The World Crisis – It’s Explanation and Solution. Walter & Lao Russell. (1984) p 57-58.