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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

November 14, 2017

More Parental Musings

Disciplining is about the parent virtually 100% of the time. The kids act outside the parents pre-determined ‘reactive’ parameters of acceptable behaviour.

The parents then tries to force the child through a variety…… of shall we say, ‘methods’, to conform to this pre-determined ‘reactive’ state. (Hi)


Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

August 12, 2017

Listening and, Not Listening to Children

I’ve noticed something quite intriguing about children and the way they adapt to people speaking to them.

Quite often is the case where parents repeats things to their children like; saying ‘Hello’… or ‘I love you’, it could be anything. We are teaching our kids to speak..

What I’ve observed, is that, if we take time to pause, ie – say what we want to teach them Yang, and then listen, Yin, we allow them to the time to complete the cycle.

In the stillness beyond time, space, matter and energy lies the void of conception of thought. There, all people are capable of any conceptual complexity. Children have a craving to know more and to understand more, this exists at this conceptual level.

Translating this desire into the physical parameters in which we are forced to all work within we first create using our Yang creative force, and then use our Yin female faculties to observe. 

As the mind has a framework to work within time and space the desire of the conceptual causal body takes form. Therefore, when we utter a phrase to our children I believe that this is similar to yelling something down a long steep canyon where, should we wait long enough, we hear an echo bounce back.

Thought, has a wave form and will bounce off the edges of the universe and eventually refold back to us.

Thus, when we speak to our children and take the time to listen, often they will speak back to us. There is no force, there is no effort, other then the effort to think something into life an say it.

Here is the interesting part of this, shall we say, conjecture.

If, when speaking to our child we continue to speak without allowing the time for the thinking to refold back to us we in fact meet the incoming refolded thought at 180 degrees out of phase, and drown out the incoming thought. In fact, the new incoming voice from our kids is cancelled out.

Think of it for a second; when we shout down the canyon we wait for the echo – correct? What happens if we do not wait – we shout into the incoming echo and drown it out and ultimately cancel out the incoming thought.

As the reflected echo bounces off the canyon wall it comes back in reverse, much like a pendulum that reaches it’s apex, is momentarily still, then comes back in reverse to the way it came. If the pendulum is met with an equal opposing force it is cancelled out.

Thus, is we try to speak to our children without allowing them the time to come back with an echo, as they learn to form words, we in fact will probably speak over them, cancel them out, and don’t allow them the opportunity for growth. 

Consider, be Yang, pause, and then be Yin. Create, be still, and allow the universe, or in this case, our children, to respond. Eventually we should learn to be Yin and and simultaneously. 

Marketing people sometimes refer to this period as the incubation period. As a creatives, they come up with an ideas, there is a natural pause period where things spring from the ether as the reflected Yang energies gather the momentum to come back with the opposite Yin counterpart. 

Remember, in all things there is balance.

There is a natural balance in conversation: listening and speaking. But, consider this, as the Yang creative energy in forming a conversation is compressed, the counterpart, or Yin, is far more nebulous and expansive, much like vapor is to a drop of water.

Thus, as we create a conversation, those around us will respond with a myriad of ideas based on this original Yang creative force. 

Therein lies the challenge, be Yang, and let you children respond in their own creative ways.

I’ve noticed this problem in the Western world. That there is an epidemic of people whom love nothing more than talking over those around them in a vain attempt to impose their wills. This is a rank amateur way to try to dominate those around them.

If someone cannot take the time to listen, offer then the chance, once, if they learn on the spot you might have a relationship – otherwise don’t allow yourself the time wasting experience of spending time with people whom can’t wait to talk over you. They do not care about you, if they did, they would take the time to listen.

Remember also, most people haven’t learnt to think – as you expand your awareness, by simply introducing a powerful Yang original thought people will respond around you to this original idea, by reflecting and manifesting your Yang idea into a Yin series of manifestations. Make sure you thoughts and motivations are pure — though.

Remember, lastly – thought is not the essence of power, it is a manifestation of power. The power which exists outside and beyond thoughts.

<– – RGQH – –>

Wagin Protocol


<1> For more insight into the ways in thought interacts with people in the Universe read the material as laid out within the University of Philosophy and Science founded by Walter Russell < http://www.philosophy.org > with the caveat to read only the material by Walter Russell in his original text. The motivation of those whom have followed and are now in control of this foundation need to be thoroughly questioned before their material is accepted. 

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

June 6, 2017

Parental Musings

The most common thing I observe with parental behaviour is the persistence to continually try to manipulate their children into ‘doing’, what they think they should be ‘doing’.

Stop for a moment and consider the word ‘doing‘.

The common underlying word pattern nested below the behavioural pattern goes something like; ‘if you don’t do this, then I will do that‘.

I’m asking myself the question here as I sit watching my son do swimming lessons;

what if we treated our kids like intelligent beings, and we were just more patient?

Let me dig deeper, if I may. Several kids were waiting to swim listening to the instructor give some pre-swimming instructions.

One of the kids jumped up quickly and crowed like a chicken.. or perhaps a frog. I thought; ‘what is he doing?’.. which is besides point .. right? Or is it…

The kid sat down in an instant and continued to listen.

From across the room the Father said; ‘if you don’t sit down, I’ll take you home‘.

Of course the Father has probably said that many times and the reality is… he is not going to take him home, he knows… the little boy sure as hell knows it!

This pattern or rather reactive pattern, is one of the most preponderant patterns I’ve observed with parents. It often is the most justified making it deeply reactive and deeply hard to overcome.

Parents; assume a position of desirelessness, to be or not to be, focus on the word patterns, then  choose without resistance to do what you want to do without reaction, condition, or direction, which of course encompasses not doing what we want to do, which then leads us to have or not have our desired outcome.

Focus on why we are reactive and seek to purify rather than justify ourselves.

Spiritual advancement, or the growth of intelligence doesn’t happen in some far away place, away from family and friends  – it is an archetypal metaphysical polymorphism right in the moment.

It happens on the coal face right in everyday life, we just need to be willing to see it.

So the question is; what happens if we are more patient and what happens when we choose to become more intelligent.. and what happens when we are more patient, rather than reactive is listening and encouraging or kids, rather than trying to manipuate and control them.

My guess, is treating them more intelligently, makes them so.


RGQH – Wagin Protocol