‘the other Man with no name’



Reinhold ‘Gaffa’ Quisenberry, or, otherwise known as ‘the other Man with no name’ writes this blog High Plains Drifting as a vehicle for creative expression of knowledge.

What is given, is regiven and what is concentrated is now being decentrated. Knowledge is a vessel in our hearts and mind and as we open ourselves up for infinite expression, so then is it our responsibility to regive what is given for endless cycles of giving and regiving. Should we limit either end of this cycle we then shut ourselves off to knowledge.

Unlike the sea of bloggers, I don’t seek anything from you the reader, nor do I seek mass followers, clicks, tweets, shares, google analytics trending on whom may or may not be reading this page…  or for that matter, to seek financial return.. Whether anyone wishes to read what is on here is none of my concern and is given the least of all priorities.

Rather, I seek expression in its purest form, of which … is free from the fetters of any other aberration.  Just like a pure abstract idea, this blog remains pure from any other influences other that expression and the infinite growth of knowledge. 

The truth is out there my friends, and so is access to infinite stream of consciousness that permeates all things.

I AM Here..

Reinhold ‘Gaffa’ Quisenberry
The Wagin Protocol
31st of May 2017