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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt II

September 5, 2017

The Racial Discrimination of the Racial Discrimination Act(s)

The various acts around the world which have been legislating racial discrimination create the very thing they try to overcome.

At their core they try to achieve, for example, more rights for blacks, women, or any other downtrodden class of people.

They purport to make every race free, and equal. Yet, having stated this, they then identify races and classes of people that should have preferential treatment.

At some point we’ll look back and laugh at our stupidity.

A higher more evolved form of legislation should remove all reference to race, gender and any partialisation regarding one person over the other.

It should simply promote all people as one people, one race and one movement together, as one.

The feminist movement has become the male  movement which it so desperately tried to overcome. By resisting something, they have become it. By seeking power and control they do not seek equality, they seek control.

Seek the upliftment of thought where all partialness is resolved.


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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt II

November 27, 2016

Women.. And that’s all I know..

Recently, whilst travelling through New Zealand I was chatting with a friendly taxi driver whom was from Pakistan.

I asked, are you mostly Hindu there?

He explained.. No, most certainly this is not the case. As he went on and on with a mumbling about Islamic culture I stared out the window wondering why Auckland hasn’t got a proper road to the city.

It was amazing how dated and old it looked in Auckland..

As the minutes rolled by the noise of the taxi driver slowly started to come back into my mind. I said to him something to the effect of – why do the women where the scarf, this mustn’t help with integration with the west, when you arrive here?

After some more mumbling and staring out of the window something stood out like a chisel in my mind.. He said, openly – this is our way of showing that the women belongs to the man and that we own them.

.. and that’s all I know..

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt II

January 25, 2015

Naming Conventions and the Law of Balance

Preponderant naming conventions shouldn’t change for the sake of it, as they should be changed by realisation only.

Why? Because changing the physical name does nothing to change consciousness, it simply masks what is already there, or creates an overlay to an existing overlay or illusion.

For example, do we change Mother Earth, to Mother – Father Earth?

Realisation happens as we encompass both forms on the mental level. Intellectualism is where we think changing the wording will free us.

By mastering what is already in front of us we have the window to the soul and ultimately realisation on the mental level.

Things are preponderantly expressed in their seeming expression of a male or female, but they are an illusion, anyway. Thus, duality is encompassed on the mental level, not the physical, changing the physical without a corresponding change on the mental level does nothing and in fact perpetuates resistance.

One might argue also, that legislation which differentiates or partiallizes people in anyway perpetuates the separation perceived in the minds of people. For example, when we try to act as a civil society that does not segregate, marginalize or ostracise people from any demographic in anyway, and by doing do, legislate that people from certain classes of society of given an automatic partiality, then, this perpetuates the very separation we are trying to resolve.

Consider all the legislative acts that partialize communities and people? Legislative reform needs to happen where, the entire population is benefited and protected and harmonized with full freedom, not to divide, splinter off and partialize.

The feminism revolutions put the female back onto  an equal playing field. Great, but the lobbyists now want to legislate an equal pay system for Women and a Women in work policy etc. I think the idea is great, but the execution is wrong. We need equally balanced legislation where both Male and Female is equal.

When anything goes against the laws of nature, problems will happen. Seek balance at all levels.