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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

August 25, 2016

Homeopathy & The Healing Crisis

I thought I’d point out an observation that is somewhat overlooked and not considered.

As we progress through higher relative levels of balance we can in fact ‘go through’ a homeopathic remedy.

What do I mean ‘go through’?

Assuming that at some point we take a remedy which takes us up scale which muscle tests strong. As we expand our vibration in this area of consideration we literally recreate the remedy energy pattern and as we do create a phase of 180 degrees of is opposite, thus cancelling any affect the remedy may have.

As we progress upscale the remedy, from that point will ceases to test strong, and, if taken will then take a person downscale into a disease crisis – relative to the strength of the remedy.

From my own experience taking several constitutional remedies some years ago, mainly out of curiosity, I found that as I progressed through this, it was like a 360 popping of a balloon. If that makes sense, with the full feeling and recognition of the affect of the remedy – ie The Healing Crisis.

I’d also point out that as one takes supplement that no longer tests strong, the affect could be ‘pain’ as the body progresses downscale – same principle.

The point is that we must have an ongoing vigilance in testing our supplements so that we are moving upscale I’d suggest once per month or two.

Any questions on this please let me know – as this is to underscore that fact that there are many levels of balance, and, a theoretical infinite series of progressions that we must maintain a willingness to experience.

Our fathers mansion has many kingdoms, as does Solomon’s temple.

Perth Chapter MK IV, August 2016

Footnotes: see Logic in Sequence, John Whitman Ray, Book Two, The Healing Crisis

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

May 18, 2016

On Seeking …

If there’s one question I’ve been asked consistently over the years it’s how and where do I find a BE Instructor..

I’d recommend taking individual responsibility for this. The more willing we are to ‘do whatever it takes’ to create Body Electronics in our lives the more people will be drawn to us.

To paraphrase Russell – as we step closer each day towards the summit… so the summit steps towards us.

Best bet is to start a point holding session in your own community..(I can hear “I can’t” as I type this) the only way to do it is just to do it. If one isn’t available my guess is that you wouldn’t need to travel far to get involved. And if you do need to travel, then ask yourself, how serious am I? 

Remember, see the end from the beginning, forget everything else.

How far am I willing to go, or what to do, in order for this to happen. 

Once we strip away the personalities then principles emerge where as soon as we put our attention on something it starts to manifest. Seek genuine people whom have a warm heart. Point holding groups cost nothing, other than what you can give to each other.. 

The same people continue to ask the same questions without a change from within… Those people, will always be ‘looking outward’ for a solution. A new instructor, the latest course, a point holding group.. whatever.. the latest personality on the block.

As far as I’m aware there are voluminous amounts of highly qualified BE people all over the world. 

Don’t wait for anyone to reply… don’t wait for someone to knock on your door… 

Kick the door in and make it happen.

Perth, 4.0, 2016

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

October 11, 2015

Motivation & Duality

Our motivations quite literally determine the structure of matter around us. It shapes our desires, dualities, and then subsequently our emotions, which then resonate with our environment and physical body.

The phrase, look at your motivations, I think is far more reaching then each of us realise. If we properly understood our motivations we would be able to unlock the memories connected by association to our bodies’ and regenerate ourselves…

How does this relate to… The law of right action and doing the right thing for the wrong reason?(1)


One of the things that I believe is important in the viewing of the outward ‘effects’ of what different organizations do, is what are the trailing motivations behind their activities.

Motivation determines your outward activity..

In this regard, it is worthy of consideration when reviewing groups, organisations and activities. Wikileaks should be open to this scrutiny and in particular what the underlying motivation is. 

Is it a case of selfless activity for service, or is it a case of perpetuating a victim mentality where as hackers they perceive the world around them as the chaos which needs to be overthrown. This is a lie, in and of itself, as the world is a manifestation which we are all apart of.

Regardless of whom is blamed, all need to take an individual, then, collective responsibility. Or, an individual, followed by a leveraged collective responsibility position, through sanctified activity.(2)

Higher vs Lower Laws

So, Wikileaks, then. Take a closer look. Why are they doing the things they do. What motivates them, and why. This motivation determines their path forward. If it is for arrogance self aggrandizement, which is the hackers way. Or is it for selfless reasons. Is it also a case of doing the right thing for the wrong reason… being the last great reason?(3)

The impression on the communication given out on this activity is muddled. Certainly they come from a hackers perspective. One can conclude that it is a mixture of persona delusory agenda vs the greater good. 

In some ways this activity should be encouraged, but the problem is that most people do not see through the level of the victim. The only caveat is whether one is on the downward spiral, or ascending through a position of emotional development.(4)

Once again we come back to motivations. This will determine whether, in part, if people are putting themselves first, or the greater good. If someone puts the greater good ahead of the person agenda for the greater good then the inevitable path will be in breaking the lower society’s laws, but are typically covered by higher laws.(5)

The problem with the people breaking the lower society laws whom are out for their own personal agenda is there is no coverage from the higher laws, thus, karma producing.

The question is, which one is it then. The point of the article, is that in reality, that is for Wikileaks to answer.

What is important is that each person, group or entity, should be asking these questions constantly to ensure that their activity is for the greater good. 

What are my motivations, why do I think this, where are we heading and why. Is it for the best and highest good. This is the battery of tests that one should be continually asking themselves.

If we think breaking society’s laws for a personal agenda is doing the right thing then we are coming from a position of ignorance. Strive to come from positions of selflessness by putting our motivations under the scalpel of discriminating intelligence.(6)

Have fun, and good hunting.

Paris Chapter, October, 2015


(1) John Whitman Ray, Logic in Sequence Series.
(2) As Above, See generally, Visualization and Consciousness Classes. 
(3) Paraphrasing Bacon.
(4) Above N 1, Scale of Emotions.
(5) Above N 1-2, Higher and Lower Laws.
(6) See generally, Yogananda, Bhagavad Gita, New Translation and Commentary, Verse 4-6, pg 59-63. 

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

May 14, 2015

The Fourth Future

In our progression upwards from identification with matter,(1) we are initially identified with a singular thought form, to the exclusion of all others. This process is of course in reverse order as to its original creation.

We then seek to change this, by reactively choosing another path. Much like an echo in the canyon or ball bouncing off the ground. Perhaps we choose this second pathway out of a seemingly free will, or based on some program that we think; we need/want/have to change our future.

After recognising that this new alternate path is merely creating a dual pathway for the future, an in doing, we also start to perceive double deja vu experiences. These experiences are obviated or perhaps aberrated to the degree we have chosen this second pathway.

Perhaps we now perceive something in the now that we thought was an association to a former de ja vu projection, but because we have now changed our future, this new reality is different, thus the direct, but aberrated association.

The 3rd pathway is considering more than just a dualistic pattern where we consider a third dimension of thought, where in relative holographic terms we see that there are multitudes of different pathways with alternatives.(2)

The fourth future is where we see from a perspective outside time and space, in a conceptual place of ‘essence’.(2) Where, the outer, even the thoughts forming, are manifested from a conceptual essence beyond time and space. Thus, the fourth future is beyond, but encompasses all the other pathways.

Our de ja vu experiences are much more of a projection in the NOW of our upcoming future as determined by the conceptual gradient of thoughts manifesting from outside time and space, particlizing with the energies of the universe and associating and attracting our reality.

One must consider, that all things are gradient in nature, whilst we may have a flash of inspiration that transcends all outer ‘maya’,(3) we perhaps need to be patient as the new outer reality accepts these changes. 

Its fair to mention that to the degree of the first step  of the 10 Steps to Perfection needs to be constantly adhered to. In my experience people have been given knowledge, but by lack of faith within themselves to hold fast, this is taken from them, by their own creation. Thus, we have people whom come and go with great inspiration one minute, then nowhere to be seen the next.

I guess we are like the cork on the crest of the wave sometimes, up and down, rolling and tumbling, in the wild and wet seas of consciousness. Are we the cork, or the wave, or neither, or both? Or, are are we the creative force behind all matter that is the essence of all life…

I’ve often pondered about the growth of consciousness in relation to the material presented in Ray’s material, as suggested below. But after seeing how our projections are altered I conject through my own experiences, that so do our so called deja vu experiences adapt and morph according to our thinking.

We’ve all had these deja vu experiences, some are clean and clear as crystal, but some are somewhat clouded, associated, changed somehow. 

I might add that, if we could see the cause of all effect, there would be no effect. Therefore, we are eternally progressing in our knowledge and advancement. Let’s not make the mistake by thinking we have it all, and in doing so shut ourselves off from further knowledge and experiences. 

We project ourselves as corks on the ocean, a projection, no less, but we still need to swim.

Below is an excerpt from Addendum #2, Step Seven of the Visualization and Consciousness Sequence:(2)

These laws move us from a position of onepointedness, in a gradual manner, to the recognition and non-resistant acceptance of another point of view. When this is accomplished one is capable of seeing a duality from a linear or one dimensional position, which on planet earth is an admirable accomplishment. After linear and sequential thinking are mastered, one can begin to think in terms of two dimensions and sees more than two points of view which places one beyond the yes-no, off-on, logical computer-like thinking which is the linear and sequential thinking.

This now moves one into the recognition and acceptance of three or more alternatives outside of a right-wrong, good-bad framework. This leads one into relative perceptuality, which is, in this society, an indication of advanced thinkers. Once one can see all things relative to a gradient scale and that which may be right for one individual may be wrong for another we are then capable of observing the Law of Temperance and the interaction of this law at many levels. This requires the intelligence to move out of linear and sequential thinking to two dimensional thinking.

As one expands his/her awareness and can focus relatively on many multi-conditional considerations simultaneously one then moves into three dimensional thinking, known as hologrammic or holographic thinking which is the ability to see the cause effect relationship of one or many simultaneous events from a position of perceptual newness.

Seeing it as it is now, where It came from and where it is going is perceptual newness. The greater the knowledge of the past, the greater the awareness of the present, the greater the ability of the individual to predict the future. Hologramrnic thinking is seeing multidimensionally from a multifaceted viewpoint or from a position of a multitude of simultaneous points of view.

Hologrammic thinking is a prerequisite to fourth dimensional thinking which can only come from a point of view which is simultaneously cause-effect, yin-yang, manifestation-essence, point of view that is capable of observing outcomes from a position of non-judgement and non-resistance, from a position of discernment while at the same time creating or uncreating or observing the creation from the inner essence. This point of view can only exist outside of time and space as we know it, yet is the creator of time, space, form and event as we perceive it. The altering of any existing hologrammic pattern must be done from a position of total non-resistance or discernment which is approximating the inner essence.

Any resistance will be the end result of awareness of causation and effect and thus a separation from the inner essence. Both cause and effect are the duality which holds manifestation in position. Therefore one must learn to encompass cause and effect from a non-spatial, non-times non-form, non-event position
which is from a position of essence, the true source of the yang creative force.

When one alters timespace- form-event from this position of the inner essence we then acknowledge the yang creative force and view the outer in a new perspective, as all changes to a new reality. The existing crystallizations of life reorder themselves gradually to a new pattern of creation. It would now be wise to reread Chapter Twenty-Nine in Book Three of the Logic in Sequence Series.

18th April, 2015, Paris Chapter

(1) See, esp; John Whitman Ray, Logic in Sequence; Specifically the Healing Crisis <https://www.scribd.com/doc/46304534/Logic-in-Sequence-Book-1-Dr-John-Whitman-Ray>.
(2) See, esp; Visualization and Consciousness Classes, Steps 1 - 21, John Whitman Ray <https://www.scribd.com/doc/94098063/John-Whitman-Ray-Visualisation-and-Consciousness>.
(3) See, generally; Maya <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_%28illusion%29>

Explaining “The List”

Explaining “The List”

Consider, from acting out of faith, we apply the principles, or being virtuous. Then, through experience we come to knowledge. Rather than some sort of intellectual undertaking, experiential knowledge should be the benchmark in which things of this nature are measured.

Regarding ‘The List’, below is considered the underlying theme from which to operate from;


Consider below image, as we expand our awareness on the mental level.(i)

The List

As we expand our awareness we move through a series of expansions of awareness. It is important when working on our list we start by completing things from a position of simplicity to complexity, this way building on successful achievements.

What is also important is to take off our list areas in which we have the ability to clearly visualise and have adequately mastered. For example we may put on our list to be a better person or a loving husband. Try and be specific and that way a practical way can be discerned in dealing with these situations.

This may not be possible to start with, but it is important to gradually become more in control of our lives, or being Yang. Moving from a victim role level where our ability to only visualise generally, or intellectualise in a given area is being considered.

Once we deal with this specific situation in more detail both from a physical, emotional and eventually mental perspective, we can then look back on the list an upon review find that yes, we have progressed in this area and this item can now be taken off. The phrase ‘it is good” resonates within us as we feel accomplishment in this area. Thus we acknowledge the source of creativity within.

This practical guide to dealing with life is simple yet highly powerful.

What it does not suggest in Dr Ray’s book is the use of a “mission statement”. In analysing this concept Morrison argues that this should be the case because the list is “less suitable for items which are of a more ongoing nature” and that these types of beingness positions should “remain indefinitely” on the list [ii].

Countering this position, it is argued that this is actually an intellectual position being taken, rather than approaching things from a hologramic perspective. Within Dr Ray’s material, particularly in Book Two of Logic in Sequence, it is clearly understood why this should not be the case. Consider ‘Desire vs Desirelessness’.

To the intellectual mind we are not capable of seeing through the veil of resistance and in our minds we are justified in suggesting, for example “I will never be good at this”, or “ I will never be able to master this”, and to us, we are totally justified and programmed to believe this to be the case.

Actually, we must approach this concept from a position of being willing, to recreate the resistance to be unwilling to be the effect, then move through the unwillingness to be the effect, and finally, being the effect.

Or, simply put, we are willing to be responsible for re-creating the resistance to the resistance of being the effect. All the “I can’ts”, “shoulda”, “coulda”, and emotional fear positions we take.

By taking the position of permanently putting the “mission statements” onto the list concept we dramatically limit the parameters of the concept. So much so, that the end product is actually the opposite of what the LIST concepts achieves ie – the continuation of resistance, as opposed to its resolution in the mental body.

Why, because in our own mind we are acknowledging that we will never be able to create or fulfil this mission statement.

Consider; if we desire something, yet at the same time believe or know we don’t not have what we desire, we continually create this concept of not having what we want. Thus, the position by Morrison is in fact diametrically opposed to what the List concept is designed to do.

If one were to follow this principle set out by Morrison in How We Heal then the outer effect would the perpetuation of resistance, comfort zones because as we admit to ourselves we will never be able to achieve a certain area of mastery, the universe responds with exacting precision and creates this environment.

How do we measure mastery? By the clarity of visualisation in a certain specific area. As yourself, can I see clearly in 3 dimensions with full colour and feeling? If so, then perhaps consider why it is still on the list. Remember – be specific. If we render our lives to a series of generalities, again, we will create this vague nebulous reality which we are never able to overcome, similar to reaching out and trying to grab air… as we reach out and squeeze, the air escapes and we left clutching at the air, literally.

As we overcome each individual resistance we expand our minds and horizon ad infinitium. This concept is very subtle yet needs to be rammed home so that false and misleading interpretations of principle are weeded out and thoroughly given the introspection they need.

As we come through a conservative victim role perspective where we are seeing through resisting eyes, rather than through the clear reflection of emotional and mental discernment, we believe and are totally justified in our thinking that we can never create that which we desire.

Morrison also suggests that the focus on the list is primarily on the “outer” world, rather than the underlying choices of beingness, which guide us through life. Again, any area we do not have mastery over should be on the list.

The underlying beingness is a moment by moment choice, that actually, can initially be put on the list also. However, if we acknowledge that we will ‘indefinitely’ never reach this achievement then, rest assured, we will not.

By focusing on the outer to the exclusion of the inner we will also create a pattern of identification with one end of the duality perceived to the exclusion of the other, thus creating a situation where we, by focusing our attention on the outer, we perpetuate it.

Because we are identified with one side of a duality and acknowledge that the other side is beyond our grasp we then create, either from the mental level, or through resistance, the continuation of the resistance, or the non-completion of the desired ‘mission statement’.

It is paramount to understand that when we exclude one side of a duality in favour on another we create resistance which create our very belief systems that we are bound by. This in turns determines our choices which then create more pre-determine choices of beingness.

Thus, this brief summary seeks to amplify and accurate the List as a tool for karmic completion, not, the perpetuation of resistances as Morrison suggests.

The list is a tool of karmic completion which if done correctly results in a systematic resolution of duality on the mental level. It is not just a mechanical tool where we focus on the outer doingness. It is the attitude that underlies what we do that is f most importance.

Remember, “TO SEARCH FOR THINGS BEYOND OUR GRASP IS FANTASY”, start from the simple items first, encompass on the mental level.

The reality is that people are justified in seeing things the way they are programmed. Therefore, seek purification, over justification, then, eventually sanctification [iii].

I look forward to sharing more of my thoughts on the list, and answering any queries or counter arguments that people may have encountered. Through collaboration, reasoning and faith, we grow….

Through intellectual consideration alone, we trap ourselves into the effect of what we create in the first place…Remember, we must eventually assume the position of being yin & yang simultaneously to resolve the resistances and, to complete items on the list.

Enjoy & until then,

[i] Ray, J. (1990) Book One, Logic In Sequence. Chapter 11
[ii] Morrison, D (2006) How We Heal. Pg. 300-301.
[iii] Ray, J. Visualisation and Consciousness Class, Step 1.

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

December 8, 2014

Body Electronics Instructor Seminar – John Whitman Ray


I’ve finally got around to posting the first 1996 Instructor Seminar on YouTube. Previously these were available from a website I ran years ago but was wiped by my ISP.

YouTube is a far better medium as everything is all backed up and easily searchable by interested people.

Any feedback, thoughts or comments please send me a mail.

There was series of seminars done in the 1990’s but this appears to be the best complete copy made. Countless hours have been put into this from a variety of parties.

Vol 1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4XhDnDp94s


Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

November 5, 2014



Unity vs Separation

(Written somewhere between 2001-2004)

my unity is my oneness
the still silence of knowing
my glassy pond of stillness
I can reflect anything from everywhere

the separation is my creation
the ripples one my cosmic pond
they are not me
they are my projection
my separation

the ripples of my mind
projected through our time
reflected in me
but are not me

a dream that was once real
simplifying life
my gaze is now inwards
to see that life delights

the stormy pond of our life
will calm again
sweep clear our desires
desireless ness

I create my waves of motion
my life
they do not create me

If I AM centered in my stillness
my separation cannot be

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

October 7, 2014


Fallacy: When we have a person claiming to have knowledge in an area and then uses what is called ‘polarized identification’ elicitation of ones thinking and choices, this then creates a position where the person so affected is ‘controlled’.

For example, when one visits a Dr, or Homeopath, or any other therapist and they say – you have this problem, if, in the mind of the person it is either resisted, or, there is sufficient unconsciousness already to elicit a command, the person giving the instructions can do so with impunity.(1)

The issue is when people know this, and use it to control people, then you know there is a major issue which usually is resolved by decree(2)

The upside: When a person has knowledge and teaches people how to govern themselves through correct principle and lets them govern every choice they make, with the full acknowledge of self responsibility, then you have someone whom can be trusted as valuable source of knowledge.

The said person uses their experience and knowledge not for any agenda other than to assist those whom want to assist themselves and giving instruction on principles which they can choose to follow and then gain the experience for themselves through self discipline and application.(3)

I’ve seen a number of cases recently where the former is in play, I observed how they control people and thus have been inspired to write this brief note.

You can typically tell the former when they are only wiling to parcel out information one crumb at time, which is normally tied into some financial or control mechanism. 

Correcting this is quite easily done by researching the material found in books 1, 2 and 3 of the Saint Germain Foundation.

  1.  Unconsciousness, See Esp: Book One, Logic in Sequence. Ray, John.
  2. Saint Germain Foundation: www.saintgermainfoundation.org
  3. Visualization and Consciousness Class, Step 1. Ray, John: https://www.scribd.com/doc/94098063/John-Whitman-Ray-Visualisation-and-Consciousness

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

October 5, 2014

The Politics of Change, a Chinese Perspective

23/03/2011, Redux 08/02/2020

After writing this article in 2011 and now seeing the changing tides sweep through Hong Kong – I believe we are seeing the seeds for change which one ingested into the main hierarchy of the mainland Chinese, and critical mass of thinking perhaps will result in greater changer. 

— Consider the 100th monkey theory and morphic resonance. 

It’s been an interesting journey for China in the last few years since I wrote this brief post on my old Body Electronics group. I feel that a gradual, slow and sure will of people are making changes for the positive China.

It’s not just people in China but the world that are pushing together from a position of collective will to form a cohesive spirit of reform. A pebble drops into the ocean and it’s ripples travel to the far shores of the universe. It then starts the long journey back. (2)

I believe that we are seeing the result of the ‘Maharishi Effect’ in full swing,(3) when out of nowhere it seems as if Hong Kong is in crisis where the streets are full of people protesting for new freedoms.

My thoughts are that it is not the end game that is important, but that people continue to lobby for efforts of freedom from a position of them already being completed. (4) 

What I mean, is, to be sure that we are focusing from a position of new freedoms already having been completed in our minds. As, if we do not we then create it’s opposite through resistance.

Therefore, focus, through social activism for change, yet keep the eye into the consciousness to recreate and free the minds of mental resistance simultaneously. This we see the cycle of Yin/Yang being completed.

God Speed to Hong Kong freedoms, and may the freeing of resistance and combined activity of social change calve a new path of freedoms for it’s people.

There is a growing movement within the rise of social consciousness via the Internet in China.(1) The question remains; will we see an Arab spring movement in China? (- soon?) And, can this be stopped if it does happen?

I think times are a changing in China and with the rise of global awareness ‘within and out’ of Chinese authoritarian rule, things will meet a ‘critical mass’ of awareness and, change, where an inevitable revolution, will happen – namely, a Neo-Liberal movement, is on the horizon.

Perhaps we can see the horizon, but, we can’t touch it …. just yet.

How does the global effect of collective consciousness change ‘affect’ the minds of people within China?

In response to a comment from a reader:

I think you’re referring to things in a way of simply ‘observing’ the outer conditions of mankind, without a solution. Namely, in manner of simultaneously viewing the inner essence. We can point to the outer, and talk “about it”, but our job, is to recreate the resistance, firstly, then to make appropriate changes in the outer world.

Collectively as we rise up through the level of the effect, we naturally rebel against a system, which we are resisting, and creating, call it what you will throughout each decade, but the principles are the same.

The Internet, is the vehicle, of what I would associate with the “doingness” of the “collective consciousness” of a geo-specific locale. Or, to put another way, the medium of communication which has a preponderance at the present time. As with time, the medium will change, ie, from press, to the digital age… to what?

The trends and data show us that there are over 700 million Internet users in China. The question I have put out, is, when this critical mass of people starts to create a coherent message of change, when will it happen, which I think it may do, and, could it be stopped by the government, if it does.

Remember, we project our thinking into the universe, which, it reflects back to us. As we change our thinking, so does this projection change. If we are pointing to the effect, or outer world, as I’ve suggested, and we do not view simultaneously the inner essence, we actually perpetuate the outer condition….because, we are “resisting” it.

(1) The sacking of Bo Xilai. (Mar 17th 2012) The Economist http://www.economist.com/node/21550309
(2) Russell, Walter.Think. (2003) The First Principles of Business Ethics. 
(3) See Esp; Maharishi Effect. Marharishi University of Management. (https://www.mum.edu/about-mum/consciousness-based-education/tm-research/maharishi-effect>; Note that in the work of Body Electronics it is understood that the square root of 1% of a group relevant to consciousness change taking place then critical mass is achieved. Notwithstanding, if coherence is achieved through TM, then it has a similar effect, however consciousness change still needs to take place. In the later case we are seeing the inertia changed through coherence of exceeding the upper parameters of the wave cycle of vibration in this area of consideration. Simply put, if people change their minds on a mass scale then it is permanent, if is through collective meditation and/or manipulation, one can conject that this said consciousness change still needs to take place, however the choices are arguably available, and achievable and maintainable through TM. Although TM is a form of Jhanic meditation(meditation with Seed), if people able to view the effect whilst creating a cause, then resistance can be recreated and released, although this activity is more more complicated then the 'Healing Crisis'. Nonetheless, it is possible, as when we focus our attention on an ideal, the resistance to this ideal is brought to the attention to be transmuted.
(4) Ray, John. Chapter 11, The List. Book One Logic in Sequence.

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

September 15, 2014

Motivation & Duality


Our motivations quite literally determine the structure of matter around us.
It shapes our desires, dualities, and then subsequently our emotions, which then resonate with our environment and physical body.
The phrase, look at your motivations, I think is far more reaching then each of us realise.
If we properly understood our motivations we would be able to unlock the memories connected by association to our bodies and regenerate ourselves…
How does this relate to… The law of right action and doing the right thing for the wrong reason? Question the motivation of all things and make sure we are doing things for the right reason, and not justifying our actions to serve some base activity.
Our motivations are, us.