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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

May 25, 2020

Amazing and interesting watching the rhetoric with China – US – AU relations right now.

Oh, I almost forgot Hong Kong! I wonder how the other Oceanic/South East Asian countries are navigating these international waters.

The law, as it is, has finite limitations to solve State problems, especially so with regards to how all these countries function politically.

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

March 11, 2020

Digital Socialite


I think we are in the age of the ‘Digital Socialite’.

Here, we can say whatever we want to whomever we like with no accountability of being responsible for causation. We are leaves on the waves being washed in the digital sea.

The Digital Socialite can talk and take intellectual positions on many topics, on literally any subject, but has no willingness for accountability, in fact this position of accountability is an abhorrent thought.

The causation is beyond reason as the Digital Socialite sees the problems as being collectively outside of himself.

But, if she rides that wave……. Maybe, there is a pin hole of truth, awaiting, inside..

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

March 11, 2020

Control vs Non Control


In order to control we must be willing to not control. 

In order to not be controlled, we must be willing to be controlled. 

Our one-pointed compulsive desires of controlling vs being controlled form the foundation of the time-space-continuum-warp, of-which termination results in equable freedom. 

Enjoy, and remember – be in control, or not… 

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

March 11, 2020

Indian Ink & Eating Meat


I think its fair to say that the partisan position taken by many regarding the eating of meat in the Ray Program is a polar opposite of which the program intends. This position seeks to appease agenda and propitiation rather than then ‘encompassment of duality’.

This position binds one into reactivity, rather than freeing oneself. It takes the position of justification, rather than purification of the body. Why? Because it is appeasing the reactive part of the suppressed emotional resistance that is seeking to perpetuate comfort zones in regards to eating meat, not overcome them.

In the end we each must make a choice which leads gradiently to the freeing of the soul, not simply taking a position of mechanically of suggesting; excluding or including meat in the diet is ‘spiritual’, or ‘not’. Things are not linear, but more gradiently and with and infinite shade of grey.

The Ray Program is not designed to appease the lower self, but it is designed to appeal to the middle self and eventually the higher self. This is done by taking a position of discipline to principle and law. As we make a choice to ‘put things on the list’,we start the journey forward out of identification with matter.

I recall the story Dr Ray told be in 1999 regarding the dilution of the program that he painstakingly put together. He said that ‘The letter of the law killeth, the spirit giveth light’.

Later the discussion turned to something quite interesting. I asked what happens when we turn away from a principle? He said that… imagine taking a pure glass of water and placing a drop of Indian Ink inside? The water turns black.

This position of turning away from the light by appeasing the lower self is something which people should aspire to see through, and, which the vast majority have done.

But, for the record: as we progress we see things in many levels of development and let go of the mechanical, partisan and propitiatory thinking that binds one into re-activity. We overcome the fear and take a stand for what we individually have come to experience and ‘know’.

There is countless arguments already put in place by the Saints to suggest a gradient path of realization here, and thus it has been submitted that this position of gradient development stands the test of time and shatters the illusion of the bondage of the lower self and every pattern of thinking that goes with it.

Enjoy the uplifting spirit as we learn to purify, and then sanctify ourselves by adhering to correct principle, not bowing down to appeasing the lower self.

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

March 11, 2020

The First Thing We Should Always Do…


Bacon said something to the effect of – The last great treason, is to do the right thing, for the wrong reason.

What does this mean?

Well, the first part, ‘last’, means that we as a human intelligence are in a cycle where we must master the human mind. But, firstly…

What is the ‘right thing, for the wrong reason’. Before commencing any activity we must as a matter of practice question the underlying motivations our our choices of beingness. Are we discerningly making a choice, or are we re-actively acting out old patterns not yet mastered.

The question is much easier to philosophize about then to recreate in our daily lives. This is because the genetic programming and underlying predisposition of our choices is not coming out of free agency. We are conditioned to make choices, because they have always been made. In fact, we are not even aware that the choices are being made at all.

Awareness is the key, or rather, gradient awareness, and subsequent transmutation of old patterns so that a better more refined series of choices can be made.

So the wrong thing then, isn’t necessarily not doing what we feel, as there is no room for growth. But once we have some free agency about our choices, then comes another test – Why? … are we making this choice.

Is the choice out of service, or self centeredness. Are we making our choices to better everyone around us, or to perpetuate greed and suffering. Time and time again I see people make this mistake.

Firstly they achieve a state of relative discernment in a small give area of consideration, only then to squander this new discernment to make choices on self centeredness, not based on oneness.

Why is it the last great treason then, because it is a choice, a final choice, if you will… to choose to act in the service of all, not out of something more base.

Ask yourself in every outer activity, why am I doing this and whom is it benefiting.

Of course, it is easier just to float down stream with the masses… But, there are a few that want to swim back up, that, is the choice we must all make. To either drift down, like a hack, or swim up and gain a far greater level of freedom of the mind.

Think of the little things to master first, are we giving more, or taking more .. Simplicity yields the greatest level of freedom.

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

March 11, 2020

Vaccination & Homeoprophylaxis

5th December 2012

I think everyone can cite examples of good and bad re this topic. I think the ultimate position that should be taken is one of balance, where we see whatever good and bad there is in all options at take the most appropriate step. The vaccination program is huge for children, and each of us should get informed on what is best and more importantly appropriate steps to take in the circumstances. 

Until vaccinations come out with warnings on the toxic nature of the ingredients, which is researched both by big pharma and third parties, then chances are they will get continued attacks, vice versa for other options. The reality I find personally is that people come from a position of ignorance, they understand neither side of the argument, but just repeat some slogan from somewhere or site anecdotal evidence.

 I think there is some good in vaccines, but at the moment I’ve found a credible alternate in Homeprophylaxis. Perhaps a combination approach is best. But, for example, if we are pounding our kids in times of stress and sickness, then chances are the vaccines will do more harm them good. Like all things in, there is much more on this topic, and this is just scraping the surface. 

Dr Isaac Golden’s book is a great start to this, he takes a very balanced point of view illustrating the pros and cons of various options. The challenge is there for everyone to become more informed as opposed to mindlessly repeating what they think is the truth from propaganda. 

The book:  “Vaccination & Homoeoprophylaxis? A Review of Risks and Alternatives. 7th edition, 2010.”(1) 


Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

February 8, 2020

HIIT & The Unwinding of the Cosmic Clock

25/11/2013, Redux 08/02/2020

Below I connect on some intersecting theories of transmutation of elements relating to thermogenesis and the activity of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and how this intersects within the Healing Crisis paradigm as applied within the framework of Body Electronics. 

These theories I have developed initially from consulting with John Whitman Ray and then adding in the additional matrix of the Cosmic Clock as part of Russell’s work. 

One can also apply the below within the framework of isometric stretching from a position of Yin – Yang – or expansion and relaxation, and also long stretching.

If done correctly they can ‘elicit’ the fire of the kundalini with the accompanying  vibration of regeneration. Both of which I have extensively experience doing things precise exercise dating back to 1998.

In conclusion: ‘regular HIIE produces significant increases in aerobic and anaerobic fitness and brings about significant skeletal muscle adaptations that are oxidative and glycolytic in nature. HIIE appears to have a dramatic acute and chronic effect on insulin sensitivity. The effects of HIIE on subcutaneous and abdominal fat loss are promising but more studies using overweight individuals need to be carried out’

See Clinical Trials & Research:

One could argue that a biological transmutation of elements happens through a thermogenic exercise regime such as HIIE.

If we look carefully as Walter Russell’s Cosmic Clock,(1) we can see that each, shall we say, locking segment of the elemental chart has a period of activity followed by inactivity, or the Yin – Yang cycle.

HIIE can be improved by increasing and decreasing the regime in intensity levels following Russell’s 1+ 4++ 1+ or 9 octave of wave form,(2) reaching a climax of the apex of the cycle at the carbon, or 4++ phase.

There, a maximum level of thermogenesis, arguably is conjectured.

Whats is more interesting is that this creates a natural uplifting state to the individual where a healing crisis is maintained.(3)
As you can see from the Cosmic Clock from Russell, 4++ is the height of the amplitude and the carbon matrix.(4)

So how to apply to HIIE – arguably one would do interval training in sequential harder, but shorter sequences, followed by a sequential longer rest period. The 4++ should represent the maximum exertion, so building to this point is the key – imagine a pressure pump that is gradually building pressure, to start with you can easily push it in and out, towards the end you might get only a short, but extremely powerful squeeze through.

To visualize, imagine doing training by running up the stairs of a pyramid, which is getting progressively steeper. One builds to a maximum excersion of the top of the pyramid with a warm down on the yin cycle as we hit the peak.

Linking to the transmutational elements discussed in Logic in Sequence,(3) one can release the Kundalini fire as the resistances are transmuted. And, from my own extensive experience I can specify this is legitimate and practical.

One can also consider the static aspects of release of the kundalini using a similar process, of isometric stretching, or relaxed stretching.(4)

As some suggested methods of training there are some links below:(5)(6)

Anyway, hope you have some good training and remember – always in moderation. One thing not mentioned is that compulsive overtraining is actually a weakness in my opinion. Once this resistance is resolved we then tend to find a balance where we are not stressing the body out, but regenerating it.(7)

The same theory can be readily applied from weight training, however at a weight level where we may perform the same exercise for say, 500-700 reps, or 20 minute cycles… or much longer.

Any questions of comments are welcome.

Happy training,


  2. Russell, W. (1974) The Secret of Light, University of Science & Philosophy:
  3. Ray, J. (Logic in Sequence Series)
  4. The Carbon Matrix, or peek of the wave amplitude is discussed in explicit detail in the Secret of Light. This represents the maximum compression or endothermic, male, yang activity of the wave form – 4++. As we progress through the healing crisis, we transmute the elements, via the elemental charts as shown in Russell’s  work. From my studies with Dr Ray I was shown that by performing various physical activities, particularly: Relaxed Stretching, Isometric Stretching, Static Active Stretching, and arguably now, HIIE training, a biological transmutation of elements readily takes place. The names of the stretching I derived from: Stretching Scientifically; Kurz T –, however the exercises were identical. Later, I read references of the Energisation Excersises as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda in the Kriya Yoga training, which had very similar methods.
  7. See Logic in Sequence – Observe, Receive, Re-create, Release – this is the powerful technique of the transmutation of resistances on the physical, emotional and mental level, where, ultimately on the mental level duality is resolved.



Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

August 2, 2019


Equality is about equality, not blaming the other gender for every single problem that shapes our lives.

The flaws of partisan gender promotors is that they seek control, not equality. 

Groups that actually promote equality and in a context which harmonises with nature should be promoted.

Genders are equal, but opposite, otherwise how would they bond together?