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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt

July 14, 2017

The existence of Freedom

Freedom, it is said can only exist within certain ‘bounds and limitations’.(1) 

But what does this mean?

Surely, freedom… is, exactly that. Freedom must be an absolute… isn’t it?

Or is it..

Freedom, if we focus on it, has within it the opposite, which is not being free.

That is, if we are identified with freedom to the exclusion of non-freedom. Therefore, if we are trying to be free and running away from something we trying to be free of, then we will create, through resistance,(2) the very non-freedom which we are trying to escape from.

Thus, freedom, in this situation can only can exist when we are in a state, where there is a situation being free from a state of not being free. Thus, no freedom at all.

What is the solution?

We must maintain a countenance of the willingness of being free or not free with the same degree of impartiality, whilst, simultaneously seeking to free ourselves of any restrictions. ie Desire vs Desirelessness. 

The Buddhists, whom, in my opinion only half understand the emptiness perspective seek freedom as emptiness. They are free because they focus on nothing, and even the concept of being free is simply discarded. But how is this true freedom. Emptiness is merely an escape from being full, or non-empty. 

In other words, the Buddhists are simply focusing on one side of a duality and have not taken the position of universal responsibility of all things being encompassed. 

Thus, freedom can only exist within certain confines and limitations of duality, but beyond thought, freedom most certainly exists to the degree we are able to encompass the dualities of life; ie being free vs not being free, emptiness vs non-emptiness.

Are we in a situation where we will always be forever learning? Perhaps, yes. But we can do so within the concept of ever expanding parameters of freedom, not from a position of perpetuating one small bubble of perceived freedom where we never progress.

Encompass the concept of being free, or not, with the same degree of impartiality. 


Wagin Protocol – 14 July 2017

(1) John Whitman Ray
(2) Resistance is where is focus on something and the do not want the other side, so we exclude it. ie we want to be loved, but do not want to be not loved. The problem is, that in our minds the resistance is what we focus on and create the thing we which do not want. Take this example explained further – I want to be loved, but because I acknowledge that I am not being loved I try to create something to solve the problem of not being loved. I focus on not being loved as the underlying pattern. No matter how much I focus on being loved I keep creating it’s opposite. That is until I can be willing to be both with the same degree of impartiality. 

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt

July 2, 2017

Choosing your child’s school … interrogatories and postulates 

Where X is the demographic net worth and Y is the percentage of white populous a given demographic.

In the west we have a culture of immigration from the east.

In Australia, for example, 28% of the population is born overseas.(1)

This is very intriguing. 

What I have observed in the thinking patterns in Australia is a pre-disposition of compromise with our schooling.

I believe there is multiple overlapping theories one can apply in assisting ones kids develop.

Firstly we must have a willingness to overcome the ‘unwillingness to be the effect’ of the ‘fact’, that Australia is soon to be a nation of ‘everywhere else’.

In this regard, assisting kids to gain exposure to the multitude of cultures that are available now.

I submit however, that those that are predominantly pushing for a single race class will servely limit the child’s ability to overcome this predisposition to be the unwillingness to be the effect.

I see it everyday, entire classes and even work environments full of either all white males or white females. Admittedly this is a dying trend.

The point, is to embrace and to have the willingness to strive for a willingness to be the unwillingness to be the effect of these situations.

I believe there is an optimum overlapping, of balance of culture and demographic upliftment where we can … shall we say; have a creative environment for our kids to grow whilst overcoming the predisposition to seek compromise.

Australia is in a unique position where the future of our kids upbringing will be assisted where we can embrace culture from around the world.

I may further submit that; ‘in vain do we build the empire.. without first building the man'(2).

Thus I submit that we should seek our own balance, and beyond by expanding our awareness and letting the water seek its own level..

By holding onto isolationalist thinking patterns where we only associate with anglofiles perpetuates patterns the world left behind long ago.

This such an exciting time ahead.

I wonder what languages can be taught in schools, I wonder what exchange programs can be encompassed.

I wonder whom will embrace the facts and whom will not.

I might say also; that I abhor the statement such as ‘this is un-Australian’… have you ever heard this in your own country?

It is a justification by the masses to perpetuate the status quo. This should be earmarked for chopping down.

This is not to say.. the ‘civilised’ world should throw it’s rule of law to the winds; quite the opposite… however, I believe you’ll find this statement is not used in this manner.

Some contradictions in this article? Some challenging ways to think about things? 

What happens when the bubble of consciousness bursts? We expand our minds and hearts to a new collective higher way of thinking.



(1) Australian Census <;.

(2) Markham; read in THINK by Walter Russell.

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt

May 7, 2017

The Social Construct

The social construct appears to be a virulent overarching conditioning programmed into the genetic pre-conditioned choices of societies.

I’ve taken time out to observe this in action in some regional communities recently; particularly in Asia and regional Australia.

The separation on the individual psyche from the social pattern of thinking, or the collective attitudinal matrix appears to be virtually non-existent.

What this equates to is an identification with environmental stimuli, which, arguably, is a construct of what Ray, J called the Constitutional Man in the logic in sequence series.

In Asia, the  hierarchical social system ensures that the lower order must profitiate itself to the higher order.

In Australia, the tall poppies syndrome manifests as the perpetual middle class clenching for survival and chopping down people whom wish to ascend.

Both need to be clearly visualised on the mental level before true freedom can manifest.


Wagin Chapter

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt

April 30, 2017

Is your point of view a point of view?

A point of view, if not seen from its simultaneous opposite will send us down a spiral of identification with this, said idea/point of view, and will be the genesis of compulsion and ultimately forming a conformity of this point of view.

If we are conditioned to do this automatically it adds a slippery slope to viewing ‘any’ point of view, as it will be simultaneously ‘resisted’, or programmed into our hereupon predisposed attitudinal matrix.

Question everything you think and feel, leave nothing unturned. The alternate is to find yourself compulsively telling your neighbor to mow their lawns as it ‘needs’ to be done. It has to… right?

Wagin Protocol


Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt

February 22, 2017


Identification of Gender

Funny that you (The Hill) call it ‘discriminatory'(1) in forcing a given gender to go to their own bathroom.

Problem with this political correctness is that is justifies and maintains the deep reactive patterns that perpetuates the reactive identification of one gender perceiving it is another – which is a mental derangement.(2) Mkooiiiii

The reality is that we are ‘born’ a certain gender. No matter how justified it may appear, the process of identification with one end of a given duality to the exclusion of the other is a fundamental flaw originating in the Mental Body.(3)

As the mental duality gains momentum through desire and will it takes on an emotional factor for, which, as a result of then resonating with the morphogenic field then has a corresponding affect on the physical body.

To reverse this, the process of the Healing Crisis must begin, by gaining control, in reverse order of the physical, emotional and mental bodies which, upon its resolution will see a correction an realignment with the natural pattern of the entire being.

Enjoy – and have some fun out there.

Perth Chapter, Australia

(1) REBECCA SAVRANSKY, ‘Trump to roll back protections for transgender students: report’ <> 02/21/17.
(2) See generally; John Whitman Ray, Logic in Sequence Series, Visulalization and Consciousness Sequence.
(3) Ibid.
(4) John Whitman Ray, Logic in Sequence, Book II, The Healing Crisis.

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt

January 11, 2017

The end of my Facebook ‘friends’..

(a recent post to my facebook friends)

I’ve taken the liberty of ‘instantaneously deleting’ all non family members, apart from the odd straggler.

For those that, ergo, realise that you have been ‘instantaneously deleted’ and look at my profile you should see this message as it is public, and note post hoc, that you can still contact me via the FB messenger – that’s right, I’ll still be here, in the flesh (mmkkkayy).

If you think you might be in the category of a, shall we say, an ‘instantaneous deletion’ and I have missed you please let me know and I shall ‘instantaneously delete’ you.

Obviously we are not twisting through the ether via a ‘post hoc ergo propter hoc’ type situation, mkkkayy.. Things simply are.

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt

December 11, 2016

Most people want to be ‘Right’… not successful 

To win, is to calve a new direction, as, if one were to follow the pack, we would loose, as everyone is doing this.

Thus, a winner always surprises us with tactics we never saw coming.. A looser would rather be ‘right’, and loose, as it’s easier. It is easier because we don’t need to change. We justify the pain of change as to hard, and blame the change itself as the source of our pain.

A winner would happy be right or wrong, as long as he wins. He seeks to overcome the existing inertia of whatever status quo that exists by intense force of will to manifest their ideas.

However, a winner is an immediate threat to the pack of loosers’, as the loosers’ seek to ‘reactively’ perpetuate their comforzone, of loosing, and seek to fight against the winner. They fight against the winner to maintain and perpetuate their pain free comfortzone.

The irony is, that even if what the winner is doing benefits them directly, a looser would rather be right, than successful.

Solution, win, without appearing to win… Lower the Yin outer manifestation so it does not become a outer image in which people are attracted to. They are attracted to the source of power which they see as outside themselves.

If you have ever met a successful sales person, or leader in any industry typically there are several qualities about them; they focus on the idea of their desire, overcoming all inertia around them, the why of how they do something is irrelevant, as their is an infinite way of doing something … in the sea of maya.

They simply hold their thoughts in their minds and watch the piano play itself as the universes shifts and moulds in the direction of manifesting their though. They hold this thought in their minds with will and desire and a pure abstract form in three dimensional colour and experience it in real life as if it was happening right now for them.

Instead of seeing purely in 3d, they see in many dimensions and from many simultaneous perspectives… Time, as a concept does not exist as their is no manifestation of outer energy. Thus, the ability to see the idea as an expression from simultaneous viewpoints and from seeming time zones is a mere triviality to the winner.

The winner also sees the loosers before they see themselves. He can discern accurately the thought patterns and behaviour which will manifest as soon as he starts to hold his thought in his mind.

The winner never tells his idea until one sees it for themselves. The winner never allows himself to be distracted by the thoughts of others trying to sink their hooks into him and keep him on the ground.

Instead, he penetrates through the maya, the illusion, into the stillness of the inner essence where all things are.

He brings back fresh jewels of knowledge that will be soon manifested. 

The winner, as he searches for new paths forward is confronted, also, by the inertia of his own reactive being, which seeks to perpetuate his comfortzone… Again and again he fails and finds it hard to see though the merky waters… But as he continues he overcomes the inertia, overcomes his genetic pre-disposition, he overcomes his justifications… and simply reaches a point of vision where all is now clear. As he does this, as he overcomes his reactive thoughts, his body regenerates as the thought patterns full of stored memory trapped in his body manifest in his body also cease to be.

Thus, a winner overcomes. He takes a normal person, and average person and simply overcomes the restrictions of life to become and intelligent person. This new intelligent person does not ever think or identity with being intelligent, as this is just another illusion, just like the abberrated thought form, of being stupid.

A winner…. if distilled down, wins, he seeks to win by winning and doing the things which he must do to overcome inertia.

Although, the other irony, is that a winner, never focuses on winning and loosing, these are lower level thought forms which are mere dualities’ on the way.(i) 

A winner, wins… he manifests a pure strain of genius which is always there, within him.

Enjoy… and, be a winner – 

Ho Minh Giau


(i) Duality is explained in John Whitman Ray’s Logic in Sequence series. There he explains that duality is encompassed on the mental level, which is an outgrowth of the law of attraction, from the physical and emotional bodies.