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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

October 11, 2015

Eat Right for your Type OR Eat Right for your Justification

To put a slightly different spin on things, it appears that people have blood configurations that are unique to the individual, such as fingerprints. Take the lectin theory to the ultimate end and each of us would need a specific diet to counteract any immune response at all, a purest balancing diet.

Taking it one step further, is it possible, that the very blood types we inherit is nothing more then the our manifestation of our internal attitudinal matrix. 

From extended personal dialogue with Dr Ray, he has suggested that the blood group can and has changed from his experience, so that poses the question, can the very blood group be ‘recreated’.(1) 

What I think fundamental to remember, is, that things are sometimes not how we perceive them, after all, is not all matter and electrical mirror reflected through our minds… indeed.  If we muscle test a fresh organic orange on most people, it will muscle test strong, pretty much a gimme there. 

This is the sane scenario with most fresh and raw foods. According to the Diet suggested by Morrison,(2) where we discount different foods, based purely on our blood type, to me, is giving into the existing status quo and interia within our constitutional man. EG: we are not willing to receive and recreate our resistance in our genetic makeup, what we continue to resist, will perpetuate. 

So there is no am ambiguity, to me this represents a profound misunderstanding of what the Body Electronics program is about, and why this diet should be avoided.

Whilst this diet offer’s the chance to balance ourselves in certain ways, it limits our ability to progress. Given that this diet is perpetuating comfort zones and maintaining the status quo of the constitutional man, I find it hard to recommend and should not be recommended if one wishes to regenerate the mind and body.

Some might say, that they are not choosing this over anything else, however, once we identify with one end of a duality, or take a position, to the exclusion of another point of view, resistance and pre-determined choices follow.

I can safely say that this type of diet should not be used as an “add on” to Body Electronics, primarily because it inhibits people from overcoming their attachments and patterns of behaviors’, which must be overcome in order to free our minds, relative to the subject in question. Dr Ray once said to me, that many people were able to “See through” this diet.(3) 

Resistance has many ways of deceiving us into believing that what we are doing is out of free will and from a Box 1 or discerning position, but as we continue to progress, the resistance becomes more and more subtle, and I wonder, if this type of diet, is simply the outer manifestation of internal resistance, designed to test our resolve in that area.(4) 

It seems that if we are trying to overcome the attachment of eating meat and/or have been maintaining a meat free diet, then this may offer the perfect justification in that area, to ease the pain so to speak eg: “I have to eat meat now… it says so in the book.. ” 

Once we make an assumption or take a position, all other choices are then, relative to this area of consideration, governed from this choice of beingness. Choices will be based on prior choices of existing identifications. After all, isn’t all outer manifestation a reflection of inner consciousness….? 

If we accept the status quo here, then I think more knowledge needs to be on offered in this area for education. Resistances can be overcome and released, we need not be bound by such diets, but, and ever expanding diet designed to free us from ourselves, not to enslave us. 

Such a diet, will take us through the Healing Crisis, not down the spiral of identification, restriction and limitation.

In terms of what is best long term for our health, I believe we need to look forward not backward, not only in our physical but eventually emotional and mental considerations. If we are bound to the physical by our prior choices, our identifications, and then justify them further, based on the first book that comes up that suggests we go off a fresh and raw diet and start eating meat, then this needs careful review. 

The myriad of justification has a way of creeping up on us, by our own hand of course. It tends to get us at the week points, and as we make a determined choice to overcome our attachments and resistances in a given area, such as a diet, rest assured we will be bombarded with an array of books and opinions to steer us off the path and place us back under the whiplash of resistance and into our safe comfort zone. 

This is nothing more then and ‘Outgrowth of the Law of Attraction’,(5) is this area on consideration, an outgrowth of the effect which we have caused, if you will, and should not be resisted further, but welcomed, as, if we are having this happen and are unable to recreate on the mental level, then we will have the delightful experience of recreating of the physical level… Just be prepared to kicked the spurs when we have to …  

As resistance is welcomed and then released, we can see clearly the different choices and justifications, which, if followed, will have certain predetermined choices and corresponding manifestations on the outer, yet we are free to choose, not bound by compulsion. 

Once we enter into a Healing Crisis based on choices to overcome a certain pathway, the result will be the outflow of resistance, this, we have the responsibility to overcome. Another way of looking at this is to consider, that as we enter into a healthy diet – eg a BE diet, then we will experience the Healing Crisis in reverse order as to how it was suppressed to the degree we are able to handle it. 

This will result in the outflow of resistance, which is the unwillingness to be the effect in that situation, which was the last thing to be suppressed, thus, the first thing to return, or the resistance to the resistance. Resistance to Resistance is in fact the denial that we are already the effect of what we have caused in our lives. 

Basically we are happy in our comfort zone of our diet and then fact we are seeking to over come this will bring back the original resistance to the diet and pathway that we were once on. The idea is that we overcome the resistance by choice to take action in a positive manner, box 1, and then to recreate the resistance on the mental level until it disappears. 

Enjoy the freedom of choice we all have and the spring of knowledge that leads us to freedom, not limitation, in health care and life… 

Until then, 


(1) See John Whitman Ray, Logic in Sequence Series, Observe, Re-create, Release and other activities on Transmutation.
(2) See esp: How We Heal, Morrison, D. <;. Arguably this position taken in regards to eating meat binds one into reaction, which is the very thing the Ray Program is designed to overcome.
(3) Exhaustive personal dialogue with John Whitman Ray
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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

October 11, 2015

Chinese Philosophy & Duality


I have found the works of Lao Tzu very inspiring, I’ve read a good interpretation of the Tao Teh Ching, love it.(1)

I think that the various Chinese authors tell us progressive ways of looking at life and dealing with the various interplay’s we are all constantly involved with…

Rather than the interpretation, that we act out a certain way of life, it is more, a position we take from a mental perspective that yields the deeper understanding..That is locked within the words of the Tao Teh Ching.

For example, when we look at how the various dualties are explained in the Tao Teh Ching, ultimately it is the mental attitude that is of ut most importance…

Rather then not striving to achieve goals, which I think is a misinterpretation, it is that we come to a position, mentally, of detachment, whilst simultaneously doing everything we can to achieve these desires.. For example.

Thus we come from a position of Desire vs Desirelessness. The misinterpretation from the majority of the Buddhists is that they see Desirelessness only. In reality, encompassment is the path the freedom of duality, not exclusion of one side, to the identification of the other.

Ultimately it is the application from a mental perspective these principles that yield up the reactive content within the crystals for transmutation .. Reading books like these provide a great trigger point for us to apply.


(1) Yasuhiko Kimura, THE BOOK OF BALANCE, A Translation of The Tao Teh Ching  

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

October 11, 2015

Motivation & Duality

Our motivations quite literally determine the structure of matter around us. It shapes our desires, dualities, and then subsequently our emotions, which then resonate with our environment and physical body.

The phrase, look at your motivations, I think is far more reaching then each of us realise. If we properly understood our motivations we would be able to unlock the memories connected by association to our bodies’ and regenerate ourselves…

How does this relate to… The law of right action and doing the right thing for the wrong reason?(1)


One of the things that I believe is important in the viewing of the outward ‘effects’ of what different organizations do, is what are the trailing motivations behind their activities.

Motivation determines your outward activity..

In this regard, it is worthy of consideration when reviewing groups, organisations and activities. Wikileaks should be open to this scrutiny and in particular what the underlying motivation is. 

Is it a case of selfless activity for service, or is it a case of perpetuating a victim mentality where as hackers they perceive the world around them as the chaos which needs to be overthrown. This is a lie, in and of itself, as the world is a manifestation which we are all apart of.

Regardless of whom is blamed, all need to take an individual, then, collective responsibility. Or, an individual, followed by a leveraged collective responsibility position, through sanctified activity.(2)

Higher vs Lower Laws

So, Wikileaks, then. Take a closer look. Why are they doing the things they do. What motivates them, and why. This motivation determines their path forward. If it is for arrogance self aggrandizement, which is the hackers way. Or is it for selfless reasons. Is it also a case of doing the right thing for the wrong reason… being the last great reason?(3)

The impression on the communication given out on this activity is muddled. Certainly they come from a hackers perspective. One can conclude that it is a mixture of persona delusory agenda vs the greater good. 

In some ways this activity should be encouraged, but the problem is that most people do not see through the level of the victim. The only caveat is whether one is on the downward spiral, or ascending through a position of emotional development.(4)

Once again we come back to motivations. This will determine whether, in part, if people are putting themselves first, or the greater good. If someone puts the greater good ahead of the person agenda for the greater good then the inevitable path will be in breaking the lower society’s laws, but are typically covered by higher laws.(5)

The problem with the people breaking the lower society laws whom are out for their own personal agenda is there is no coverage from the higher laws, thus, karma producing.

The question is, which one is it then. The point of the article, is that in reality, that is for Wikileaks to answer.

What is important is that each person, group or entity, should be asking these questions constantly to ensure that their activity is for the greater good. 

What are my motivations, why do I think this, where are we heading and why. Is it for the best and highest good. This is the battery of tests that one should be continually asking themselves.

If we think breaking society’s laws for a personal agenda is doing the right thing then we are coming from a position of ignorance. Strive to come from positions of selflessness by putting our motivations under the scalpel of discriminating intelligence.(6)

Have fun, and good hunting.

Paris Chapter, October, 2015


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