Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

July 30, 2015

Comments Regarding Street Photography

Even though I find much of the work I see as totally distasteful, horrible, and invasive, by self styled street photographers – I don’t agree or accept judgments on why things should or should not be a certain way, because that is exactly what they are, judgments.

Particularly when people have a pre-disposition that they are weighing things against, and therefore judging the status quo from.

If we are following a projection of someone else’s idea’s then we will be in a position where we judge everything else from this limited viewpoint.

Bottom line, I see many people are just copying and regurgitating someone else’s work. We need to be careful in alienating entire genre’s of people, perhaps they are moving through this and searching for their own style, in the end ‘this’, is what it’s all about.

Keep shooting,

2 thoughts on “Comments Regarding Street Photography

  1. onomatopoeicbliss

    Reblogged this on onomatopoeicbliss and commented:
    Ok, Look . . . I don’t ‘get’ Art. When I see something I like, then I know I like it.

    But seriously? What is all this verbal diarrhea?

    If someone with a sense of ‘Art’ can explain this, I’d be obliged to listen.


  2. Jeremy Holt Post author

    What is the taste of diarrhea like? 😉

    To explain takes away from the essence of something, the explanation can only come from within – out, not, the reverse. 😉



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