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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

October 30, 2018

Right Action

When truly being honest we must ask ourselves if what we think we are ‘doing’ is correct.

Correct is somewhat misleading.

Of course there could be nothing ‘wrong’ with what we are doing at all.

Wrong in the sense that from an outward viewpoint the action we are embarking on appears to be legitimate and for a plausible reason.

Take this note, however ~ if what we are doing is acting out a reactive mechanism what we are in fact doing is ‘wrong’ from a position of logic.

What do I mean?

1000 Days in Paris-35

I mean you are not choosing to act – you are reacting.

By the very fact you are reacting you are bound and identified within the construct of the very act itself and cannot distinguish free will from the said, identification.

Thus what you are ‘doing’ is wrong, logically.

Think for a minute. Think about this. Consider, before acting whether we have made a simultaneous choice of beingness where we are totally impartial to the given choice of action.

It is always wise to consider whether we can ‘be or not be’, simultaneously, prior to doing. If we cannot be, then do, then surely we will never have.

Havingness if truly understood encompasses the idea of ‘not having’ – as logically you’ll see that the point is to be free of something, not to be bound by it. By being able to assume a position of not having simultaneously as well as having, we are freeing ourselves from attachment.

So perhaps we need to think again on whether we truly are correct?

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

November 27, 2016

Women.. And that’s all I know..

Recently, whilst travelling through New Zealand I was chatting with a friendly taxi driver whom was from Pakistan.

I asked, are you mostly Hindu there?

He explained.. No, most certainly this is not the case. As he went on and on with a mumbling about Islamic culture I stared out the window wondering why Auckland hasn’t got a proper road to the city.

It was amazing how dated and old it looked in Auckland..

As the minutes rolled by the noise of the taxi driver slowly started to come back into my mind. I said to him something to the effect of – why do the women where the scarf, this mustn’t help with integration with the west, when you arrive here?

After some more mumbling and staring out of the window something stood out like a chisel in my mind.. He said, openly – this is our way of showing that the women belongs to the man and that we own them.

.. and that’s all I know..

The Cloud

A cloud rolls over the horizon .. As it does, it absorbs the environment below..

That’s what travel is I think.. Clouds rolling through the air, absorbing ..

The same as learning a new language or instrument. As we set out on the journey with our preconceived ideas of what we think we’ll learn..

Then, we actually learn .. We absorb .. What we thought we’d learn is irrelevant as the person whom we were is no longer there, they’ve grown into something else

.. ‘The Quickening’

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

August 19, 2015

Parisian Musings

When I worked in NZ at a Bar for a summer I met the people coming back from their tours in Antarctica. Typically I think they went for about 6 months. I always asked ‘what’s it like?’.. as you do. Anyway, I noticed that everyone could some it up with one word. Most said – ‘Cold’.

I thought.. hmm, is that it?

But… I noticed, that as I met more and more people whom have traveled to different places they tended to sum it up with one word, perhaps only on a subconscious level. For example, Singapore – It’s ‘Clean’.

Anyway, I’ve noticed this more and more. What I also noticed, is that when you go to a place you’ve not been for a few years, whether you’ve lived there or not, you can typically notice things immediately that stand out, which then quickly disappear into obscurity a few days later… I tended to find three words for this.

Anyway… So Paris, I think: Contrasted. When coming back to Paris a while back from somewhere… The three words I came up with were: Dark, Dirty, Interesting… with emphasis on ‘Dark’. For Perth I think; Nice Beach, London; Boring, Milan; Creative, Marseilles; Underworld. Anyway… random observations ;()

Keep Travelling,

Paris Chapter, August 2015, Day: 535