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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

January 24, 2015

Australian Aboriginals

Both sides need a willingness for peace, until then its foolery to think, that, just because the White man in ‘over’ slaughtering 98% of their people, then it’s ‘all good’.

Both sides need to be perfectly willing to change their positions, until the, there will be conflict.

White man is ignorant of his cause because he is unwilling to see the effect he has caused in the lives of others.

Black man is unwilling to see the state of their of position as justified in being a victim, or effect, they are ignorant of the state of their victimness.

White man is unwilling also to see that in the destruction of the social system he then assumes responsibility for the new social chaos.

Both sides need a willingness on many many levels, so that in a generation or so, harmony and a new order of reintegration and harmony can be tolerated and respected.

Willing to be the unwillingness to be the effect,(1) is the start.

The same could be said about any human relationship be it on an individual level or on a country by country, collective level. Things change when we change, ourselves.


(1) Willing to be the unwilling is described in detail in the Logic in Sequence Series. John Ray. Another way to explain this is simply, that we are adding insult to injury by resisting an existing resistance. Therefore, we become unwilling to even consider the fact that we are unwilling to receive. The healing crisis reverses this process, by firstly being willing to realise that we perhaps are totally unwilling to even receive.