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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

December 4, 2015

The vast majority of people online appear to ‘conflate’ having diverging opinions with being a troll, flame, fanboy, or whatever label etc. What I’ve found online is that it is at battle for ego, ie whom has the most useless knowledge that people can compete about. It is a purely intellectual pursuit and devoid of experience, which is a time wasting exercise.



So, when a person has a diverging opinion, they are attacked and ridiculed for having this opinion and then given the apparent label. I guess the bottom line is that for growth we all need to be willing to express and receive with the same degree of impartiality, and out of this, there is growth.

Lets not be too quick to label anyone for having an opinion. I have experienced personally many times, ‘any’ opinion diverging from the status quo, is typically earmarked as a rebel uprising that needs to be squashed.

I like to read points of view many articles, mostly, I don’t agree, but that’s a good thing. I can contrast my own viewpoint with another and challenge my belief system about something. Rather that be a sycophant, I think, express, and then, grow.

A sycophant does not grow, as he follows another. And, that is my point of view, that I personally welcome people with diverging points of view, as they lead to a higher level of understanding and refinement of view point.

In the end the online world becomes something which people can freely express themselves and own their own point of view.

As Krishnamurti puts it – the observer, is the observed.

The separation and anxiety we feel is merely separation, which, after the resolution of dualistic thinking, no longer exists.


Singapore, Reloaded

The label ‘Troll’, interestingly, is something which a person projects onto another as they perpetuate an unwillingness to be yin, and receive their own reactive condition.

Be careful to quickly label another as, typically this label, is accompanied by resistance within ourselves to the very thing we project onto another.

Instead, be still, and transmute.