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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

August 27, 2016

The Repeater

I recently read an article – ‘In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams’.

I thought to myself as I perused this article. I wonder if this is a once off – or has this person hitched themselves to the shirt tales of someone else?

Yes, as it turns out they had. Even in the bio section the person claims to ‘follow’ Ansel Adams.

To me this is not what an artist should strive for. Firstly, yes, we should learn from the Masters about ‘technique’. But this is where it should stop.

Some of the Masters have a highly nuanced and mastery of technique honed over a lifetime of work in a specific area, ie  in the case of Ansel Adams РLarge Format Photography.C000990-R1-05-6.jpg

The Hat Police

There comes a point, however, where after learning the technique – we trash it and let it go. Then, we use our innate creativity which springs from within the stillness of our own minds to spring forward fresh new creative ideas which we ourselves own.

We should resist and fight against all outward advice, critique (notwithstanding technique), stylistic nuanced comments or inflections about the direction of our artistic enterprise.

We alone make this decision, and we alone are the creator of the thoughts which beat in our hearts and pulse through our mind.

It’s easy to ‘follow’ someone else’s work. Make the hard call to stop following people… and start following yourself.

Enjoy, and keep shooting.


Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

August 25, 2016

Homeopathy & The Healing Crisis

I thought I’d point out an observation that is somewhat overlooked and not considered.

As we progress through higher relative levels of balance we can in fact ‘go through’ a homeopathic remedy.

What do I mean ‘go through’?

Assuming that at some point we take a remedy which takes us up scale which muscle tests strong. As we expand our vibration in this area of consideration we literally recreate the remedy energy pattern and as we do create a phase of 180 degrees of is opposite, thus cancelling any affect the remedy may have.

As we progress upscale the remedy, from that point will ceases to test strong, and, if taken will then take a person downscale into a disease crisis – relative to the strength of the remedy.

From my own experience taking several constitutional remedies some years ago, mainly out of curiosity, I found that as I progressed through this, it was like a 360 popping of a balloon. If that makes sense, with the full feeling and recognition of the affect of the remedy – ie The Healing Crisis.

I’d also point out that as one takes supplement that no longer tests strong, the affect could be ‘pain’ as the body progresses downscale – same principle.

The point is that we must have an ongoing¬†vigilance in testing our supplements so that we are moving upscale I’d suggest once per month or two.

Any questions on this please let me know – as this is to underscore that fact that there are many levels of balance, and, a theoretical infinite series of progressions that we must maintain a willingness to experience.

Our fathers mansion has many kingdoms, as does Solomon’s temple.

Perth Chapter MK IV, August 2016

Footnotes: see Logic in Sequence, John Whitman Ray, Book Two, The Healing Crisis

The Cloud

A cloud rolls over the horizon .. As it does, it absorbs the environment below..

That’s what travel is I think.. Clouds rolling through the air, absorbing ..

The same as learning a new language or instrument. As we set out on the journey with our preconceived ideas of what we think we’ll learn..

Then, we actually learn .. We absorb .. What we thought we’d learn is irrelevant as the person whom we were is no longer there, they’ve grown into something else

.. ‘The Quickening’