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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

June 25, 2019

The Illusory Nature of Land and Ownership

No-one has any claim to assert over this land.(1)

We are all guests on the land we inhabit.

Ownership is a man-made concept, a position of an illusory nature which we all identify with – this is especially so with public land.

Aboriginal customs and culture are not rooted in the land, but within the spirits which also inhabit their land, and the dreaming. This land is no more sacred then, every other piece of land.

Should we cordon off everyone other piece of land, also? Each race was at one time not in Australia, therefore we are all guests.

The pro-closure people appear as sycophants whom crave to follow another rule down the turn to block the freedoms of all for the sake of but a few.

Restricting land and sites which is of benefit to all people should be looked at with a new veneer of clarity.

Ownership is temporary, just as the rain that washes off of the rocks, this will pass to.

Clarity on the mental level where each of us overcome our restrictive desires should be embraced by encompassing the desire vs desirelessness path. 


(1) Ayers Rock