Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

February 4, 2021

The Greatest Thing We Can Do

We never truly have something, until we are perfectly willing to give it away.

This concept applies equally to ‘things’ as it does to the ‘things we do’, as it does to pro-bono work.

So often in life we see grandstanding and virtue signalling at the drop of a hat, or the very first opportunity to ask everyone to praise us for our ‘good works’.

Good works, are, just that.

If we are seeking the praises of the world for our good works – are we really good? Is the work we have done, good?

There’s a photo up there

What is the motivation?

Those that are recognised most, are not recognised because they seek it, but because they do not. They seek only to do good work.

We can do so many things.

But do we do these things in order to promote, that we are ‘doing’ them?

I think this is the key distinction and subtle the distinction each of us must answer.

Those that do the best work, usually do it in silence, when nobody will ever know. They do this, because it is the right thing to do, at that moment.

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

November 14, 2020


So often in life we struggle.

We struggle on.

We struggle onwards to reach our goals.

At some point we realise that it is the struggle itself, that matters.

A goal is a separation from our present moment.

When, right now – it is the struggle in front of us, that will only ever truly matter to us.

It is all we can ever know, right now. 

War Machine

The illusory nature of a goal is but a carrot forever dangling in front of us. 

When, if we stopped walking, the carrot would swing back to us.

Thus, goals should be sort, not from a position of separation, but of a simultaneous encompassment of the present struggle.

After the climber reaches the summit, the path disappears – they see all paths, leading upwards to the mountain top.

But, it is she struggle, right now, forever, in this moment … is the one struggle that will only ever matter.

To be one with our struggles is to be free. 

Sydney Chapter: 14 – Nov – 2020

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

March 9, 2021

What do Women Want

It seems, that one can’t even breath without being at the end of a Feminist Lobby Groups’ message.

The rhetoric is very divisive.

It also shifts responsibility away from the individual and blames everyone around us.

A key takeaway to consider – If women want control, how are they difference from the people they seek it from? Balance, is the ideal scenario, surely.

Men & Women, are equal, yet opposite in manifestation – to paraphrase Walter Russell.


Often the underlying premise is false. 

Ask – what is the motivation of people. Are they willing to take responsibility for their own outer activity. Blaming the world around us is a never ending cycle.

Remember – in War, you still need peace at the end – unless you kill every single enemy.

Did the Peace Keeping efforts doing anything to help Somalia in the 90’s?

Ask yourself – who is writing the articles I support and share? Why would they write this?

Often virtue signalling people at the front or back end of a movement want nothing but control.

Men and Women need to go along this journey together. In, BALANCE, together.

If you are spreading division and diversity – are you not the racist and person spreading hatred here? Are you not the person spreading a message that will not unite people?

Here is one of many quotes from Walter and Lao Russell:

Instead of thinking in terms of cohabitation and human sexual relationships, sex should be thought of as the interchange between pairs of oppositely unbalanced conditions for the purpose of balancing these conditions in every effect of motion in the entire universe. Good effects are those in which the interchange is balanced and bad effects are those in which balance is not complete.

In our universe, a manifestation that is capable of being produced from thought can exist forever, because time does not exist in the inner essence, thus it is on each of us to master the “conditions” around us.


The Sydney Chapter – 9 March 2021

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

January 5, 2021

And that’s all I know: Hedley – The Oil Man

Hedley explained that he owns a truck business carting waste oil. After he said this I had some what of a physical reaction and wondered what exactly that was…

I’m glad I didn’t ask, as Hedley was some what of a chatty person.

After already driving for 4 hours with 6 hours to go our way back from Melbourne to Sydney the thought of waste oil on my mind may not have settled well, shall we say… with my soy chicken and egg noodle with combination fried rice procured from the local Albury Chinese bain marie.

Hedley opened by showing me a picture from his smart phone of a man holding several poisonous snakes… He said he would never pick them up but the man in the photo had taken the fangs out, so, in theory, it could be safe.

Hedley – The Oil Man

After seeing photos of one of Hedley’s 21 cars we then listened to Hedley’s brief précis after he discovered where we lived, on why nobody should live in Sydney due to the housing prices.

Hedley then gave me his 20,000 foot advice on setting up in shop in Albury and also, seemingly expressed positively, why Albury folks have involuntary ticks of anxiety every time they go to Sydney.

After hearing about the local waterfall and the river I realised time was marching on and noticed the wife started to make motioning subtle body signals that we should leave now otherwise Hedley may talk for the remainder of the afternoon as we sat in the local Albury shopping centre eatery.

As we said our goodbyes I said, Hedley, if I ever need someone to cart waste oil, or if I ever need a trucking job, I’ll be knocking on your door. 

Hedley said, have a good life…. and, under his breath half jokingly said…. when can you start.

I still don’t know what waste oil is… I’m ok with that.

And that’s all I know.