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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

July 16, 2016


Creation and Repetition

I recently read on a photography blog that ideas cannot just come out of somewhere – they need to be influenced by someones¬†thoughts. Further, that thoughts themselves are original if they are a derivative of someone elses’.¬†

There is level of experiential understanding Рthat once penetrated through it leaves these types of statements to the realms of farcicality. 

Thought, repeated, is exactly that.


This is why we have not many real creations coming out of Asia – 99% are followed from elsewhere. Much like the rest of the world, however more so in Asia.

Asia has a hierarchical system that suppresses the will to create from a very early age – thus we see billions of followers. Great at repeating ideas but when was the last time something original came out of there?

Thought and creation, come from within – out, not in reverse.

Even if we have the ‘same’ or similar idea as someone else it can still be ‘ours’ provided it comes from within. I think the nuances of this however are lost from an intellectual analysis/perspective.


I think there’s much to read(and experience) on this intriguing subject, but certainly – creation itself is not a concept of ‘following’ or ‘adding’ – as you are just repacking another’s thoughts.

Creation itself is from the source of creation, the stillness, the silence – ‘beyond form’ – thus the statement ‘there’s no such thing as… .. invention from nothing’ is based on the concept of seeking the power of creation without, not, within.


The true creator always seeks the resolve of the stillness before attempting anything – that way the thought workflow, to use a photography expression (LOL) is kept pure.

The repeaters of the world are within all aspects of life and to a certain degree we are all impacted because of our social conditioning – within Art and Photography the same patterns exist.

You see the same Henri Cartier-Bresson attempts over and over again without any attempt to sit for 30 seconds to be inspired … to ‘create something, from nothing’.

I think that is the actual essence right there… creation, from nothing.