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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

September 26, 2016

The System – Academia

When you challenge academia about a grade and they use the same system to then assess you, you get an identical result, unless the person can rise above and out of the system, which is designed to perpetuate itself.

A system seeks to survive as a system, as a collective end result of a series of points of view. Anyone with an alternate point of view is treated as a threat to the very system which is seeking to survive… just, as a reactive pattern within a person seeks to justify itself to survive.

Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

September 4, 2016

And That’s All I Know – The Man from Lebanon

Walking through the streets of Victoria Park in Perth… it’s a quite quaint .. but always an interesting place.

How interesting you might ask? I like to call Vic Park as a place where you’ll see something interesting everyday..

Perhaps that’s the way it is wherever one is – the more we take the time to observer – the more we see, that, is.. interesting. 

As John Whitman Ray puts it to me in one of our many discussions – the nature of intelligence is to see the same things over an over but to find the similarities and differences with all things. Thus, we have the similarities within the stillness, and the simultaneous outer manifestation, which is differences, but with it’s own character, to every other thing.

The resistances we perceive, if any, (ie this is boring) are in fact a projection from ourselves. The more we a are willing to just be, the more we are able to manifest ‘whatever’ in our lives. Often people will justify themselves by saying I don’t have this or that to create this or that – but again once we let go of, money, for example, we can simply create from within out – the outer creation may come from a variety of sources. 

I was walking through Victoria Park with my F100 and just had a feeling of knowingness about this person.

I raised me camera not knowing what to expect and then suddenly he snaps his hand out to a person crossing the road. I was pumping my autofocus back button as seconds earlier I had flicked it to F/1.8 for some reason as it felt right – and it was lagging like a freight train through Siberia in Winter.. I thought – dam I have missed this.


The Man From Lebanon 
Victoria Park, Perth, Australia, 2016

Took the shot and just through ‘whatever’.

Anyway, the guy, as he put out his hand yelled to the guy crossing the road –

‘Excuse me, can you help me!?… ‘I’m from Lebanon’.

The chap crossing the road switched he head back .. paused from a nano-second and then started walking towards the man.

And That’s All I know..