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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

May 28, 2019

Lower vs Higher Law – Freedom of Press/Mind

Some have criticised Julian Assange as have the intent to circumvent security measures in order to assist the release of secrets. As opposed to being an independent recipient.

Legally this could be a valid argument – but there is another way to look at this.

The mere fact that the secrets exist in the first place means that there is something to hide, something that the public have a right to see.

Often we see things linearly where the only logic is what is presented to use as a Law – when is order for freedom to exist we often need to break a lower law in order that a higher law, being freedom, may prevail.

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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

October 11, 2015

Motivation & Duality

Our motivations quite literally determine the structure of matter around us. It shapes our desires, dualities, and then subsequently our emotions, which then resonate with our environment and physical body.

The phrase, look at your motivations, I think is far more reaching then each of us realise. If we properly understood our motivations we would be able to unlock the memories connected by association to our bodies’ and regenerate ourselves…

How does this relate to… The law of right action and doing the right thing for the wrong reason?(1)


One of the things that I believe is important in the viewing of the outward ‘effects’ of what different organizations do, is what are the trailing motivations behind their activities.

Motivation determines your outward activity..

In this regard, it is worthy of consideration when reviewing groups, organisations and activities. Wikileaks should be open to this scrutiny and in particular what the underlying motivation is. 

Is it a case of selfless activity for service, or is it a case of perpetuating a victim mentality where as hackers they perceive the world around them as the chaos which needs to be overthrown. This is a lie, in and of itself, as the world is a manifestation which we are all apart of.

Regardless of whom is blamed, all need to take an individual, then, collective responsibility. Or, an individual, followed by a leveraged collective responsibility position, through sanctified activity.(2)

Higher vs Lower Laws

So, Wikileaks, then. Take a closer look. Why are they doing the things they do. What motivates them, and why. This motivation determines their path forward. If it is for arrogance self aggrandizement, which is the hackers way. Or is it for selfless reasons. Is it also a case of doing the right thing for the wrong reason… being the last great reason?(3)

The impression on the communication given out on this activity is muddled. Certainly they come from a hackers perspective. One can conclude that it is a mixture of persona delusory agenda vs the greater good. 

In some ways this activity should be encouraged, but the problem is that most people do not see through the level of the victim. The only caveat is whether one is on the downward spiral, or ascending through a position of emotional development.(4)

Once again we come back to motivations. This will determine whether, in part, if people are putting themselves first, or the greater good. If someone puts the greater good ahead of the person agenda for the greater good then the inevitable path will be in breaking the lower society’s laws, but are typically covered by higher laws.(5)

The problem with the people breaking the lower society laws whom are out for their own personal agenda is there is no coverage from the higher laws, thus, karma producing.

The question is, which one is it then. The point of the article, is that in reality, that is for Wikileaks to answer.

What is important is that each person, group or entity, should be asking these questions constantly to ensure that their activity is for the greater good. 

What are my motivations, why do I think this, where are we heading and why. Is it for the best and highest good. This is the battery of tests that one should be continually asking themselves.

If we think breaking society’s laws for a personal agenda is doing the right thing then we are coming from a position of ignorance. Strive to come from positions of selflessness by putting our motivations under the scalpel of discriminating intelligence.(6)

Have fun, and good hunting.

Paris Chapter, October, 2015


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