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Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry II

February 22, 2017


Identification of Gender

Funny that you (The Hill) call it ‘discriminatory'(1) in forcing a given gender to go to their own bathroom.

Problem with this political correctness is that is justifies and maintains the deep reactive patterns that perpetuates the reactive identification of one gender perceiving it is another.(2) Mkooiiiii

The reality is that we are ‘born’ a certain gender. No matter how justified it may appear, the process of identification with one end of a given duality to the exclusion of the other is a fundamental flaw originating in the Mental Body.(3)

As the mental duality gains momentum through desire and will it takes on an emotional factor for, which, as a result of then resonating with the morphogenic field then has a corresponding affect on the physical body.

To reverse this, the process of the Healing Crisis must begin, by gaining control, in reverse order of the physical, emotional and mental bodies which, upon its resolution will see a correction an realignment with the natural pattern of the entire being.

Natural Law
Reading Walter Russell’s material on sales recently in the book THINK I came across and interesting section. Russell goes onto say that things should be compared to nature at all levels. This is the ultimate proving ground for any teaching, philosophy and practice.
I am personally for free choice, but I am also for how this free choice should then align with nature.
If there is an obvious flaw, then it should be corrected and earmarked as something that is out of alignment with a natural BALANCE.
Notwithstanding, we should, thus, be entitled and free to give our points of view so that we may all share and grow. 
Our thoughts ultimately create a situation of manifesting from within – out, thus, we should take the time to review in minute detail which thoughts are creating what, and by comparison and association, with nature, change, or not change.
Enjoy the freedom of creative intelligence free from the resistance which bind us in matter.

Enjoy – and have some fun out there.

Perth Chapter, Australia

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