Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt II

November 2, 2016


Approaching my 40th birthday I contemplate time… one day a flash of thought entered my mind like a whisper from the ethers.

‘Where there is no resistance, there can be no time’

Time implies that there is a separation between a point(s) in space, as one thought interacts with another.

But, where there is voidance, there is no resistance measured as time. Thus, in this area of consideration, where the dualities have been encompassed, there is a impression of no time in a timeless universe.

Time merely simulates movement and resistances, yet there is no time as the impressions we perceive are merely the outer manifestation of one end, or both ends of a thought.

Thought itself is in fact still a resistance as the thought is a manifestation of a concept outside time and space. Thus, as we perceive a thought, it polarises.

Yet, as the same thought is perceived with a consideration of encompassing both sides of the existing duality, the thought is voided and we perceive not from an aberrative position within time and space but through the eyes of the stillness, or the origin and source of the power, outside of time and space in the inner essence.

Where there is no resistance, there is no time… No fatigue, no age, no separation, we breach outside the space of the unknown, into the known, the wholeness.. life.

1st of November, 2016
Perth Chapter, 4.0


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