Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt II

August 10, 2015

Photographic Gear

1000 Days in Paris-3-3

The reality, is, that creativity comes from ‘within-out, not from without-in, “gear”, is the vehicle in which we channel our creation, through.

Therefore, our gear, should ideally be ‘seamless’. In this regard if your gear obstructs or confuses the process in any way, it is inhibiting you.

This is the common thread or theme with Leica users, they always state the gear becomes ‘seamless’, generally speaking, thus, they  are able to create more creative an inspiring photographs – because, the gear, seamless. 

Seamless: there is no confusion, there is no separation, there is no barrier, there is purely a vessel in which the creation flows through with non-resistance.

Thus, we see ‘Soul’ in the photographs, as they are not a repetition of anther’s work, they are original. 

1000 Days in Paris-1-3

Keep Shooting, 

Paris Chapter


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