Reinhold 'Gaffa' Quisenberry Holt II

September 6, 2014

Be Free… Or Justify Why You Shouldn’t Be – Scotland Independence

Lloyd asserts that: “Freedom!” But for what purpose?”(1) – Freedom is not an end, it is a means in which ones expresses themselves. We can choose to simply ‘be’ free, or justify, why we are not. 
Anything else, not matter how subtle, or in this case neither subtle or, rather, so obvious is begs no comment, is not freedom, and therefore suppresses people into sub-servant control.
This is just pro-Empire/England rhetoric… It’s not that Lloyd is wrong, it’s that his comments are just ‘facially stupid’.

Oppression happens first when the will of the people is subverted from the freedom to choose.

Lloyd makes the case that Scotland are Oil starved asserting that they are a poor nation with little opportunity to progress, but for the control of England. Actually the opposite is true, when one frees themselves of the burdens holding them back they grow into a position of collective responsibility where by their choices they can then grow and exceed any pre-conceived ideas that maybe burdening them.

May Scotland take this opportunity to free themselves from the shackles of control and oppression, which not matter how subtle which hold a person of nation back into slavery of the mind.

Obviously Scotland have the ability to be free from England, as they once were.

(1) Lloyd, John. (19 August 2014). Reuters. <>
(2) Logic in Sequences Series; Visualization and Consciousness Classes. John Whitman Ray

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